5 класс задания

1. Подчеркните нужную форму глагола

1. I (go / went) to school every weekday.

2. Betty (likes /liked) different autumn colors.

3. We (celebrate / celebrated) Mum’s birth­day yesterday.

4. (Do/did) you call me? -Yes, I (do /did).

5.1 (walk / walked) to the kindergarten when I (am / was) a child.

6. If it doesn’t (rain / didn’t rain), we’ll go for a walk.

7.1 (go / went) to the shops and then (come/ came) home.

8. She usually (writes / wrote) a lot of letters.

4. Выберите правильный ответ

1. He … to the swimming pool every Sunday.

a) went

b) will go

c) goes

2. Tom usually … coffee, but today he tea.

a) drank … drank

b) drinks … is drinking

c) drinks … will drink

3. It next week.

a) won’t rain

b) isn’t raining

c) doesn’t rain

4. Look! She ….the same blouse as me.

a) wears

b) is wearing

c) will wear

5. They hard in the garden last Wednesday.

a) work

b) are working

c) worked

6. English school never on Monday.

a) is beginning


c) begins

7.I ..you tomorrow.


b) will phone

c) am phoning

8. Come in. We dinner.

a) have

b) are having

c) will have

9. She ..several languages.

a) speaks

b) is speaking

c) spoke

10. She to the theatre twice last week.

a) goes

b) went

c) is going


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